Metrônomo Count-in

Hello Mr. Antonioli,

Just purchased ntrack pro for ios and cant find where i set. metrônomo Count in to record.
Would You help me, please.

Regards from Brazil.


n-Track doesn’t currently have a count-in, it is usually best to start the actual song one or two measures from the actual beginning.
After the song is finished you can easily eliminate the extra measures by selecting them and using the ‘Cut & shift left’ command (that on iOS appears long-pressing over the selection).


Good morning Mr Antonioli,

Im looking after a solid DAW for ios.
Bought Ntrack and, at now, i can see a lot of pros in your app, specially in its usability, since most of the functions are very easy to find.The design is very straight forward too.
Anyways I noted a very poor midi implementation at now.
Or Mabel i canto find the functions.
Só I annoy You again:
Quantize and Transpose.Where are they? If they arent, are You planing in put them in added with metrônome Count in?
Everytime You arm an audio track it make a noise like it was capturing the open ipad mic.
The implementation of IAA and audiobus seems still very buggy and the app crashes a lot of times using some instruments like Alchemy for example.
Will There be an update quickly?


Hi Waltertje,

we are working hard to add new MIDI features in the versions of the app that are coming out.
The transpose setting is in the MIDI track’s properties box that appears double tapping on the MIDI track title bar at the very left end of the track.
The Quantize command will be in version 3.3 which should be online on the App Store in about a week. You’ll be able to quantize MIDI notes by selecting them in the piano-roll, then long-pressing and selecting ‘Quantize’ from the popup menu.
I’m not sure if I understand what you mean with the noise when you arm a track. Are you using headphones?
If you’re not using headphones disable the track’s live echo button (the small mic with the right arrow).
Version 3.3 has a couple of bugfixes related to Audiobus. Please let me know if you still have stability issues with Audiobus or inter-app audio, possibly with a step by step list that leads to the problem.


should have went with Jack instead of inter-app IMHO, it is rock solid and been around a lot longer. :agree: