Metronome hangs up my computer

any Idea what to do

I had the metronome working, then the computer crashed and I had to reinstall Ntrack.
Now when I push the start button on the metronome the computer starts clicking and it takes a reboot to stop it it.
What Have I Done?

What have you got the metronome set to playback on? (PC Speaker, or midi device - which midi device?)

Doesn’t change anything - PC speakers or Midi I get the same problem. I’ve tried the various setttings, but it was working with Midi Mixer and that is what I have it on now. The clicking has not referrance to the tempo I’m trying to set either.
This doesn’t happen to others - what settings work?

If the clicking is not the tempo (does it sound like clicking comeing from the actual PC not the speakers?) it may be a hardware or driver issue…

What driver are you using for your soundcard?
Also maybe check your video driver and maybe try a different screen resolution if the driver is up to date.

Sounds like some hardware conflict kicking in when the soundcard tries to play back…

I’ve never experienced this so just taking stabs in the dark here…


Do you have the same problem when an ordinary Midi track plays?

If so, then perhaps you need to look outside of n-track.

If not, then it does sound a bit like a n-track specific problem.


Well, I improved things - some. I found that when I reinstalled I created a new copy/directory. So I had two Ntrack directories. This was not a problem with version 3, but I uninstalled and deleted all the Ntrack directories/files and made sure to get a single copy setup. I can now punch the Metronome play without crashing, but still no sound.
I don’t use midi and I want the metronome to play drum-like sounds. Now, that it doesn’t crash I think I’ll go back and read the manual again. maybe I just have a button set wrong, but I can thinks what.
If anyone has an idea, please let me know.

If you don’t use MIDI, here’s a big hint:

Don’t use the metronome.

Create an audio track with a click in it at the tempo you need.
Running the click as another audio track will ensure that no timing issues will develop; it’s just another audio track playing along with you…