Metronome nosound

midi output…

I have problems with the metronome output in midi format,
when I choose MIDI note device in metronome settings,
with the midi of my soundcard there is nosound, with
microsoft gs wavetable sw synth there is an error such
"error opening MIDI out device, try to select another device"
On the windows 2000 pannel I’ve try to select MIDI with
my soundcard and another time with microsoft gs wavetable
but nothing to do.
On the settings of n-track midi device I’ve choosed
one time microsoft gs wavetable and another time my soundcard’s midi
as output midi port.
I remember that one time it the metronome has worked with
microsoft gs wavetable’s test button but as I try to
record something it starts a rythm very very fast for
few seconds and then nothing else.
Hope you understand
thank you so much.

nobody has an idea? can you help me?

What kind of soundcard?

Does it really have a built-in MIDI synth, or does it just support MIDI ports to plug in external gear like synthesizers?

The MS wavetable synth issue is a well known one. That synth isn’t really suitable for use with programs like n-Track, even if you could get it to work.

maybe you’re right, my soundblaster card maybe doesn’t have a MIDI built-in; anyway I have solved the problem in this way: I record a track with vsc (virtual sound canvas) software that works as a metronome :slight_smile:
thank you