Metronome Not Working

Metronome not working in V4.0

Hi, everyone,

Last night I found that I was having a problem with the metronome. I am running build 1693 and I’m using my trusty ole SBLive for MIDI.

When I open the metronome window and punch the “Test” button I here the kick and click (not the Car Talk guys!) that I’ve selected for my metronome sounds. However, when I set the metronome for either playback or record, I get nothing.

This is the first time I’ve noticed this happening, although, I must confess to putting together a bunch of “quickie” tracks over the last couple of weeks, and I didn’t use the metronome - sometimes it’s faster to just play the rhtyhm guitar, play the bass with it, then add “finger drums” using a keyboard and playing them live into audio.

It’s probably something stupid I should have done, but hey, it was late, and now it’s Monday morning. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Don,

the best you can do is creating a dedicated click track. Don’t rely on software metronomes. Rely on an own track only for the click. Believe me I’m speaking out of experience when the built in metronom drove me nuts because all of a sudden it was shifted in time… :O