Metronome problem - help?

Trying to record a click track using the metronome, as I’ve done before - it sounds fine when I hit “test”, but when I record, its all out of synch. What am I doing wrong?


Hey, I’m having the same problem. I just put a cord going from the output on the sound card to the input, then open nero wave editor, and THEN open Ntrack. Click record on nero wave editor, then hit the “Test” button on the metronome and it will give you an error twice saying “sound card already in use.” After you click ok the second time, it will go ahead and play it anyway, and you can record it. Then just import the recorded file into ntrack and there you go! But I don’t think it should be this difficult, I wonder why it does that.

Still having the same prob - any other suggestions?

If your MIDI device of choice is the Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth then the sync issue is because the MSGSSWSynth a software synth, meaning you have software synth latency.

Thats probably whats happening - so what setting should I use?