metronome setup

Im trying to setup the metronome using vst-i plugin from my emulator x and no sound i got it to work once and that was it.
also can I use my fw 1884 with midi control and the emu-x in vst-i at the same time?
one more thing when I try to assign 2 sound cards (fw-1884 and the emu card ) i get a cannot use mme and asio @the same time, but im using both asio drivers im thinking this is my problem any ideas?

Hi josh delo:


i get a cannot use mme and asio @the same time, but im using both asio drivers im thinking this is my problem any ideas?

That task could be “Tricky” I have different audio cards installed in the P-4 DAW, in the studio… but I’ve never tried to operate more than one system of Audio Cards at the same time. On that Daw, the device manager says all those drivers are installed and n-Track reports the same, but I’ve never tried to use all those drivers, at the same time…

mabey, I’m missing the question… O.K. in the settings and preferences… Go to “Audio Devices” and make sure that only one set of “Audio Drivers” are selected… Then there may be no confussion as to which audio drivers you want to use… That might be a more reasonable, reply…

If n-Track reports that screen, I would write Flavio some mail and see what his reaction to that question, might be?

Mabey, some of the “Computer Gurus” up here might explain the answer… I would be interested in a reply to that question, as well…


I don’t think using a VSTi for your metronome would be a good idea.

It will most likely have some latency (ie. not line up with your tempo grid in the timeline).

I use my SB Live for my metronome.
I don’t have it selected as an audio device in N though.
I have my Edirol DA2496 selected as my audio device and then I route the output of my SB Live via SPDIF to the digital in on the DA2496.

So SBLive is playing the midi tones but it is then being routed to the DA2496 which then outputs to my amp and speakers.

I’m not familiar with the EMU-X but maybe you can route the output of that to the Tascam and then just record off the tascam.


ok next question i have an emu x card and i am confused about getting the metronome to sound how do i assign that card as the playback? i can only get a click from the p.c speaker…stumped

I’m not familiar with the emu x card.
Does it have a built in midi synth?

The metronome needs to be routed to a midi device.

If you have to use a VSTi, a better method would be to just record a click track as a wav (just create a midi track for the click, set the tempo and record the wav.

Then import the wav file.

That way if you are getting latency you can manually shift the wav file so the click track lines up with the tempo grid in n-Track