anyone remember?

Does anyone remember the discussion about some software that would detect the BPM of a song? Like you could get it to sample your music and it would display the BPM? Sometime maybe about a month ago?
I did a search here, on ntrack’s site with metronome and tempo and still couldn’t find it.

Yep - I think I make a remark about looking at your watch…

Is this the one?

Click track…

FREE BPM detection software -…ln=&em=

HINT - drag n drop wave files into detector -


THANKS Poppa & M.R. Thanks a million. Ntrack corps to the rescue-

Poppa W yur fuunnny. :laugh: I was sitting there doing just that and counting like crazy. My friend is laying bass tracks and he says he wanted to line something up with it, some software I don’t understnd yet.
This is a fun metro, I found it on the way through Google in case anyone needs some goofy entertainment.
Thanks Guys!!

That Mixmeister BPM analyzer is 'Really Neat’
Love it - thanks a bunch :;):

Thanks for that MixMeister link MR, works like a champ! :agree: