Mic PreAmp Recommendations

Ahh… Screw it… Sell one of the kids and get this:

Click here for a harsh dose of WTF?!?


Wow!!! And right now it’s $990 below suggested list price.
I noticed the rating was based on one review but the review is not listed. Yeah, right, like they trying to convince people that someone actually bought one of those things from them.
musicians fiend HAH!

I’m hearing the Yamaha MG series mixers have great sounding pre amps on 'em. Maybe that’s all I really need. If so my UB1002 would need to find a new home for…,say,…$40 or a decent offer plus shipping to somehwere in the USA.


Ahh… Screw it… Sell one of the kids and get this:

If you sell their organs out one at a time you’ll get more for 'em.
Quote (Willy @ Dec. 07 2005,05:30)
Ahh... Screw it... Sell one of the kids and get this:

If you sell their organs out one at a time you'll get more for 'em.
You're a sick puppy.


Quote (TelevisionFission @ Dec. 06 2005,16:59)
…or even try a plug-in. Ruby Tube is about as close to real “tubey-ness” as the Presonus Blue Tube.

Exactly. Plus, no one here has yet pointed out that “fatness” is not about the tubes, at least in RnR recording. Usually that means that the recording was done with a transformer based solid state pre. Think Neve. All of those low cost tube things are marketing, and mostly suck.

There’s a lot of hype about tubes. Myself, I think I’m goin to save up this year for a nice Neve thing. I have a plug-in comp with some Neve settings in the presets menu. I don’t know how close to ‘real’ this modeling is/gets, but I like the quality I hear in it.

Save and wait…

I use the 105’s big brother, the RP503. It is full rack length, and has a good compressor and 3 band eq built in. You can get one used off of ebay for about what you’d pay for the 105 new, and it is a lot better. It is full voltage on the tubes (I think the 105 is too, but it has been forever since I bought the 503), and sounds great for the price. You can do something so simple as replace the tube, and you get a great sounding pre. (I never did this, though, because it sounds pretty dang good by itself).


VTB-1 is on it’s way from Musicians Fiend. S’pose to arrive Wed. Dec. 14. And, I ordered 2 Petersen folding music stands for my Church-In-A-Box set up.
They don’t have great reviews but I’m hoping the negatives are mostly from rough handling and mishaps. The little wire student folding ones are no good at all especially if the fans are on or if some one in the first 3 rows burps. Woops, there goes my lyrics and the stand too. I like to save space in the van and the heavy Hamiltons gouge everything you pack near them including paint, tolex and window tint.

I’ll give my reviews on these items after a little usage.

Thanks for all the input and suggestions. :)

Quote (TelevisionFission @ Dec. 05 2005,23:51)
For $100, alot of guys would tell you that you’re better off getting a solid state preamp, something clean and transparent instead of “warm”.

I was thinking the same thing… any good hints for a low-cost non-tube preamp?

I’d have gone for the Behringer VX2496, except it’s out of stock (checked “my” 3 dealers):

Then there’s the Phonic Vocalmax A-6400, but nobody seems to have had any experience with it, no reviews either:

So I guess I’ll go with the DBX286A, just a pity it doesn’t have an on/off switch:

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated…

There’s been plenty of net buzz on the rane ms-b1. I just scored one for $100. I haven’t really put it through its paces yet, but I like it so far.

I’ve never tried any of them, but I think some of the symetrix stuff is supposed to do the clean, transparent thing pretty well.

Great deal on an 8 channel pre…


8 channels for 200 bucks street price. I’m getting one for my ADAT HD24, but you can run the lightpipe in to out and also use it strictly as an analog pre.

I just need one… :)



I was thinking the same thing… any good hints for a low-cost non-tube preamp?

I was going to say, with Television: a symmetrix SX 202 - 150 US dollars or so on Ebay - clean and well designed.

I use the Symetrix 528 for voiceover work and really like the sound. Got it on E-Bay. Thanks for the tips on other “pre’s”. Very valuable info.