Mic question for the pros

I have all recently setup my system for my home studio. Everything is working great except my mic. I have an SP4 series dynamic Nady mic. It works but when I record it fades in and out plus a high pitch buzzing when sound goes accross it. I’ve adjusted my amp volume and system volume turn phantom power on and off but still the same low or high notes. I’ve also tried my kids Karaoke mic and it doesn’t do that but I have to turn the volume up too high thus having lots of feedback.

The amp fits in the cd bay, connects the floppy drive power plug and to my sound card from within.

Any advise?

Google is being obstinate about coughing up info on the NADY SP4 -

you say you have an SP4 series dynamic Nady mic.

DYNAMIC MIcs do not need phantom power, theory says that applying (48volt) phantom power to a DYNAMIC mic should not harm it - personal experience says it does harm it -

apart from the 48volts hitting the mic capsule and distorting it permanently - the mic cable would be my first and prime suspect -

Karaoke mics, you can hit these things with a brick and they still work - but no good for recording - the more you pay the more delicate the insides, the easier they are to break -

have two chinses made dynamic stage mics, not cheap ones either - hit one by accident with phantom power - heard it go ping inside, now i have 1 stage mic and one karaoke mic !!

Dr J


the mic cable would be my first and prime suspect

Or the mic is cream-crackered.

swizzard says “turn(ed) phantom power on and off”

it it wasnt before it took 48 volts it could be now -

Dr J

“Star Power 4C” - basically, the crappiest possible design that will actually generate a signal. :) With an on-off switch! :D

The 48 volts won’t hurt the mic, unless it was wired improperly.

I am guessing from what you wrote that you have a soundblaster like this:


If so, you need to get another mic, one you know that works, and anotehr cord, one you know that works, and if the problem persists then there must be some problem with the soundblaster (or whatever it is you have for an interface). Do you know anyone from whom you could borrow a mic and cable? Or perhaps you have an extra mic?

Like I said about the phantom power, I just wanted to see if there were a difference but no.

No I don’t have a Soundblaster but a rolls gci404man.

I could just take it out of the cd bay and try the 12vc adapter instead of the floppy drive power plug but that don’t seem like the case.

I looks as though I may just need to shell out a little more cash for a better mic, maybe condenser wise not sure though. I thought I maybe missing something, need to re-adjust or make configurations within Ntrack to stop the up and down waves.

Oh, one more thing, my sister and cousin where just playing around with the Nady over the New Years holiday, recording live and it sound great.

Maybe her voice is to that mic as Caruso’s was to the acoustical recording horn. :)