Michael Jackson dead

Good Lord I just heard the news.


Still no word on AP wire here.



(not a good day)


That was unexpected and sad news. Michael took profressionalizm to the highest level, I thought he was a great talent!

One thing I regret is not having seen him live. What an incredible one of a kind talent. Unbelievable. :love:

He had some of the coolest sounding guitar parts and mixes.
Anyone know who he had doing the actual mixing and mastering?

Quincey Jones produced all his good (best selling) stuff.

Does this mean that Paul McCartney can have his songs back?

(What?? Too soon???)

While not a big fan… much respect to Mr. Jackson.


The “three” at a time “thing” strikes again…

Ed McMahon

Farah Fawcett

Michael Jackson

Wow… what a bad 48 hours.


I wasn’t a fan of the guy himself. But he was an awesome musical talent, just hearing those guitars from ‘Black and White’ in my head. Anyone that brilliant is a sad loss to music.

Every radio station is playing his music non stop this morning. It is only now that I realise how much his music has been a part of my life. I have never the biggest fan of his but I have always admired his music and always thought his sound was always in front of everyone else’s. I dont know if he was solely responsible for producing such well polished sound but he was truely way ahead of the pack in my opinion. Off the wall is 30 years old, take a listen to other stuff that was around at that time… nuff said.

He was a nutter for sure, I heard that he was thrown into the limelight at the age of FIVE!!! I have a 5yr old son… Such a burden for one so young, it is little wonder if he grew up to be a little odd.

I will miss him

good lord I was not expecting that news this morning, he will go down in history for sure, he was one of the few real musical geniuses of our generation.

his story is a sad one, what a beautiful little boy he started out as!

I am sorry for Jackson’s family & friends but I have mixed feelings about him.
To me, Jackson (and the disco era before him) marked the time where music became more about dance and choreography (and sx) than the musical content.
And the music business has never gone back - it’s just more s
x, dance and choreography now.
Also, I cannot think of one Jackson song that I like (but admittely I can only hear Billy Jean in my head).

And by the way, anyone who is surprised that MJ has died has not been following his life.
His death doesn’t surprise me in the least, given how he has lived and his physical appearance.


Also, I cannot think of one Jackson song that I like

'rock with you' from the off the wall album.

R.I.P. Michael.

I just had a giggle flashing back to my old “bar band” days. (Yech!)

In one set, we finished up whatever tune and the lights would go down. Our bass player/lead vocalist would duck behind his amp and pull on this HUGE afro wig. When he was back in front of his mic, the spot would pop on and he’d bust into the bass riff to “Billie Jean” while dancing around like a lunatic. We did a pretty decent cover of the song if I do say so myself and was always popular. Just thinking about that nut-ball in the big 'fro wig made me LOL.

Thanks for the memories MJ!


My condolences. I was a fan of his during the J5 era, but I only have one of his albums, “The Best of Michael Jackson” (1975 Motown). I’ve only been a lesser fan since then, although I do agree with the experts that “Billy Jean” was one of his best songs (if not The best), partly due to its pioneering efforts during the early MTV period. To me, it is still a tossup about the sex scandal. Now I see rumors (or fakes) about the kid (J. Chandler, now in his 20’s) saying that he lied about the whole thing. That would be terrible if it was true since that scandal is probably what brought this scenario of MJ to what it has fatally become. Of course, there was also the cumulative effect of taking painkillers from the ‘Pepsi hair on fire’ incident, as well as the broken leg and broken spine.
Anyway, hopefully they’ll sort out everything through the two autopsies, his estate’s legal/financial matters, his will (which I’ve read hadn’t been updated in years), and his kids especially.
And if you feel you don’t have anything in common with him, you might like to know he started being interested (and/or learning) audio production mixing and engineering when he got to Motown. He’s got (well, had) a nice home studio too from what little I’ve seen of it.