Microphone Input volumes

N-Track input limiter

I am currently using the newest version of N-Track (24 Bit ) with an ECHO Gina 3G audio interface. I am using the following listed equipment:

Windows XP Home
Intel Pentium IV 2.28 Ghz
RAM 512
ADK AP1 microphone preamp ( with ADK Hamberg Mic )
TubeMP microphone preamp ( with AKG C1000S Mic )

Problem: When using the above listed preamps, the N-track VU meters do not have a sufficient level of input to get the signal into a desirable range to record. I have disconnected the above listed preamps and used the “onboard preamps” in the Gina G3 and still have the same input problems. Since I have used two separate preamp systems, I am beginning to wonder if the problem is a setting in N-track. Does N-track or Windows XP have any volume adjustments which would limit the signal from my microphone preamps ? (All all occasions, I was using phantom power on both condensor mics.)

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I am having the same problem and am unable to up the recording level enough to clip.I set the line input level on the card all the way up and it does not help.I have a cheap sound card so I was wondering if that was the problem.It occasionally works right. I am a novice with the program so I am hoping one of the n-track gurus can help us.