Microphone Input volumes

N-Track input limiter

I am currently using the newest version of N-Track (24 Bit ) with an ECHO Gina 3G audio interface. I am using the following listed equipment:

Windows XP Home
Intel Pentium IV 2.28 Ghz
RAM 512
ADK AP1 microphone preamp ( with ADK Hamberg Mic )
TubeMP microphone preamp ( with AKG C1000S Mic )

Problem: When using the above listed preamps, the N-track VU meters do not have a sufficient level of input to get the signal into a desirable range to record. I have disconnected the above listed preamps and used the “onboard preamps” in the Gina G3 and still have the same input problems. Since I have used two separate preamp systems, I am beginning to wonder if the problem is a setting in N-track. Does N-track or Windows XP have any volume adjustments which would limit the signal from my microphone preamps ? (All all occasions, I was using phantom power on both condensor mics.)

With my card, Audigyz2, it’s software mixer can be adjusted to increase or attenuate the input volume. So, no matter how high I have my preamp, or anything else for that matter, if my line in isn’t right, I will not get a decent level. Does your card have anything like that? If not, since you have XP, check in…Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices > Audio tab…then adjust the volumes for playback and record…this might help…:frowning:

The Gina should have come with an application to set record levels. You need to use that to adjust the gain on the input channels. n-Track is just taking what your soundcard is giving it. The problem lies upstream.

It’s also possible that your mic isn’t generating enough signal with what you’re recording. I have this problem with MOTU 828 mic preamps, SM57, recording acoustic guitar. Well, the levels aren’t as high as I’d like, but they’re high enough (-18 to -12 dB peaks). If that’s your problem, you need a different mic for the purpose. If you’re recording vocals and have a good strong voice, this is not likely to be the problem!