MIDI  - need a suggestion

I am starting to get onto the MIDI thing (I think). What I want to accomplish is recording from my controller so that the key strokes are recorded in the timeline.
My controller is an AKAI LPK25.
It plays well in N-Track, and I have any latency issues resolved so keystrokes are simultaneous.
Here’s what I do:
Add a MIDI channel, select an instrument (N-Track Strings, DSK Saxophone etc.), send it to channel 16, select Record from LPK25, and press the LIVE button.
Everything plays normally and sounds good, but I can’t seem to get any strokes into the timeline without manually putting them in(which is totally time consuming and counter-productive).
What am I missing here.
The keyboard seems to work fine, normally N-Track works fine (although it has crashed a couple of times (Version 6.1 - (04/11/2010)) - I’ve actually had to reinstall a couple of times because trying to alter the default buffer settings has caused problems.
What I would like to do is bring in the main wav files and then play along with the keyboard, but have the keystrokes record so I can have say a sax fill here and there.
Is what I’m looking for possible with N-track or do I need other software to do thuis and bring in the midi track for mixing later?
Any further help with this would be downright useful.
Thanks in advance and the Best to all in the 2011.

I don’t think you need to arm midi files for recording like you would in say Sonar.

IF ntrack is set up properly and your midi controller is online when you press record it should automatically record a new midi track of whatever incoming midi data the computer is receiving.
Now it most likely record this data to channel 1, (even if there already is a track one outputting to channel 1) but you could then after recording change your new data to channel 16 and output it to any source you want.

Also, I don’t think you need to press the live button, in fact I recommend against it, are you doing this because you are using the computer to hear the keyboard notes? since you don’t have an external sound module?


Depending on your setup, the LIVE button can help you to monitor the track.
Make sure n-T is set to record midi. If your controller isn’t fully recognised then you’ll need to hit Play in n-T.

Live never did nothin for me but crash the program :)

However, in some odd situations if it implemented itself and I pressed record it would be OK.(but since I use modules that just makes and echoy sound with two devices making the same notes)
BUt if I try to press it on my own, I just get a bunch of static sounds…

You are definitely right tho Tony, it may be needed in his set up to hear the notes as they are being played.


Well, my midi controller is online when I press record; but when I press record I get a message:
"No audio input seems to be installed or an incorrect audio input may be selected. Please make sure your audio inputs (ie. mic, guitar etc.) are connected to the computer and the correct device is selected in the “Settings/Audio Devices” dialog box.
The settings all appear to be ok to me.

The computer is right, you have no audio input being recorded because you don’t have it set up to do so.

But if you are trying to record midi data from the device you don’t need an audio input source…(technically)…but you do need the Midi device set up in Ntrack as a source.

Open Ntrack,

Click >Settings>Midi settings>Midi devices

what do you see below
Midi Input port:

it should say:

AKAI USB driver

or something to that effect, make sure it is highlighted. :agree: and some other midi device is highlghted for the output port, eg. Microsft GS wavetable SW synth.

PS, you may need to get your audio source sorted to, even if it is just recording a blank track. (or playing back other tracks).
What do you see below the Recording VU meters?

Does it say: Creative Soundblaster Audigy

or whatever your sound card is? and the ASIO drivers for that card are they downloaded and installed?


Ntrack opened,

in >Settings>Preferences>Midi>Midi devices

I see below Midi Input port: LPK25 (highlighted)
and for the output port: Microsoft GS wavetable synth.

my audio playback source is set to MME: Windows default Playback Device
recording devices set to MME: Windows default Recording Device

Below the Recording VU meters I see: MME Microsoft Sound Mapper

I scanned the drivers and all seem to be up to date. I’m researching that now, but there has never been a sound problem ever until now.

Your help is greatly appreciated dontcare, thank you

Would your audio source device for recording normally be: MME Microsoft Sound Mapper ?? doesn’t sound right to me.

that is what you would normally use if say you were trying to record audio from the mic or line input on the computer?
shouldn’t that be MME: Windows default Recording Device there?

Set it to that, and see if it records a blank audio track and a midi track. (you can always send the midi track data through any sound you want later and mixdown to get a wav. of what you play)


Thanks dontcare;

After several setting changes and crashes and resets and on and on; the Akai and N-track finally decided to get along together. Did a couple of re-installs of N-track with the keyboard armed and things took care of themselves eventually.

So thanks for your help


Just out of curiosity and for the benefit of future readers that may have the same problem…

what does it say on your recording VU meter now? still MME Microsoft Sound Mapper as audio recoding source?

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

I wonder - have you looked at the Windows Control panel Sound setting? The Sound Mapper is set here for the default sources of sound. That could be an entirely different devise than what you normally use. There are also some setting in that panel that Might be effecting things -


Under the recording VU it reads:
MME: Microsoft Sound Mapper - Left Channel/MME: Microsoft Sound Mapper - Right Channel

Under the Playback VU it reads:
MME: Microsoft Sound Mapper

My Settings are:

Settings>Preferences>MIDI>MIDI Devices
MIDI Input port:

MIDI Devices: Always open

Input to output echo: Auto

Settings>Audio Devices

Audio playback devices:
MME: Windows Default Playback Device

Audio recording devices:
MME: Windows Default Recording Device

I’m using N-Track 6.1.0 build 2655, with Windows Vista Home Premium and the USB controller is Akai LPK25



I checked sound settings for recording and playback and all tested well there is nothing out of the ordinary.
I am experiencing no problems now.