midi always recorded

n-track recording midi in new wav tracks

When I have midi in track one and record a wav in track two, it records the midi and mic in the wav file. How can I get it to stop recording the midi?

Ahhh! - a variation on a common problem…

You are probably recording the audio track from the Wave Out, or “What you hear” rather than the Line In. You are recording the mix that’s going out to the speakers (that includes both the audio and midi sounds).

Pull up the soundcard’s mixer, go to the recording properties and see what you’ve got selected. You should be using Line In (or maybe Mic In but that’s a different discussion.)



All I have selected for recording is Line in and synth isn’t even an option. Is this a problem with my soundcard then?

I’m with Mark on this one!

You have TWO mixers on your system…one is your soundcard’s mixer and one is your Windows mixer. Make sure that one is not overriding the other.


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PS: As Mark said, this is a variation on a very common problem. Go to the FAQ page for more detailed help. Not to worry, we’ve all been there. ???

How do you get signal into your PC and how do you monitor what’s coming out ?

(And what soundcard do you use ?)


There is a button at the top in N-track that looks like a keyboard and a microphone, Change this so it shows only a keyboard and it will only record the midi keyboard.

Don’t forget to change it back once you want to record from the linein/mic.

Hope that helps