MIDI and Analogue recording - Help Needed

How do I hear both?

Hi - I’m new to this so sorry if I’ve filled in the wrong bits!

My problem is if a record a MIDI drum track and then want to record an analogue bass track (pre-amp - line in) I can get it to record but can’t hear midi and bass at the same time while recording.

I can get it to record the Bass while hearing the midi track but it would be nice if both were coming back in the monitors while I’m recording. Is this possible or do I have to record the drums as a wav?

I have an Audigy 2 card

Any ideas…

The soundcards mixer have two main sections: Record and Playback. To record from line-in you need go to the “record” mixer and select it like source. To hear the “line-in” while recording you need go to the “Playback” section of your mixer and enable it and set the volume level. You can do it with the “windows mixer” or use the more nice mixer that comes with your soundcard. They work same way, but with a diffrent interface. You for sure have at the left of the “creative mixer” a single red icon that enable you to select the rec source. The other icons are the “playback” mixer that enable you hear what you record.

Hope it helps.

Hi Marce

Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately, I’ve already tried that. I’ve got the recording source set for the line in (which does record) and the output settings for all play back options with the volume up.

I can play back the midi and listen to the bass at the same time, but:-

As soon as I choose the monitor option on the vu-meter in n-track, it stops passing the line-in signal through to the output (although I can see the reponse in the meter and record the signal).

If I now to to the recording vu-meter and ok the audio format>IO settings, I get the line sound back through but get nothing in the monitor and the playback vu-meter button reverts from red to grey - I wonder if it’s possible to have midi playing back while recording to wave? Any other ideas?

Thanks again


Forget all that, I just found a sneaky advanced setting that switches off 'monitor when recording’

so I’ve got it woking now. Thanks anyway as you pointed me in the right direction!