Midi/Audio sync problem


I just restarted an old project where I had the bass and drums down as midi files already.

I proceeded to add an aucoustic guitar as an audio file but when I played it back the a/guitar started about 1 second early.

Looking at the timeline, the wave file appears exactly in sync with the midi files but lo and behold it still starts playing miles too early.

Any ideas what’s going on here?



Ok, sorry about this, I just re-opened the song file and it now plays perfectly. What can I say; wierd!


Playing any song that has MIDI tracks may have out of sync MIDI tracks if the song isn’t played from the very beginning. There’s a bug in n-Tracks where playing MIDI tracks from somewhere in the song will cause them the be way out of sync. I ran into that this weekend in a big way. It’s not a new bug. I acutally think it’s been there a long time. The only workaround is to always start at the very beginning.