MIDI BUGS and RE-WIRE problem

as above

insert blank MIDI track - output to Novation Bass Station VSTi - bass Station opens - OK - (on MIDI channel 1) -
set MIDI input to M-Auidio Trigger finger drum pad (faster than a keyboard) - Trigger Finger now plays Bass Station - OK -

insert another blank MIDI track - output to Synth! VSTi - synth1 opens - OK -
set track input to EDIROL PCR M! keyboard on MIDI channel 2 (keyboard is set and tested to output only on channel 2) = NOT OK

NOTE - both instruments are set to the correct channels in properties boxs

if MIDI track 1 is selected both inputs play the Bass Station instrument - when MIDI track 2 is selected both inputs play Synth1 - with no tracks selected instruments play last MIDI track selected -

Trigger finger should ONLY play Bass Station, Keyboard should ONLY play Synth1 - as both are on different channels -

if i press RECORD then both instruments record to their proper instruments BUT NOT WHEN LIVE IS ILLUMINATED -

when recording MIDI it is often convienent to do it in stages - if i record a small MIDI piece, them move the timeline to record another piece, when record stops the two pieces JOIN TOGETHER, they should remain as two seperate pieces-

if i record second MIDI piece on another track and then move that piece to the other track the two pieces join together and NOTHING will seperate them - THEY SHOULD BE SEPERATE PIECES and should be moved at will -

MIDI SYNC - with MIDI CLOCK set as input and enabled, pressing play (with audio track inserted) the track plays IT SHOULD NOT AS NO MIDI CLOCK IS BEING INPUT - if i press record they N waits for MIDI clock as it should -

these may to many be minor things as they do not use MIDi much but as they are part of the program they should work correctly - AS ALL THE ABOVE DOES (perfectly) IF I SWITCH TO Mackie Traction2 -

RE-WIRE - not a fault as far as i can see, just an incompatability problem

if you only have 1 soundcard then this does not apply, but if you have many, then before using rewire, open the program to be RE-WIRed and set its audio outs to match Ns then close it, open it again as a RE-WRE channel via N - if not done N will either freeze or output a “metromome” sound when trying to play a track - it is not the metronome as it changes with buffer settings -

Dr J

Hi Dr J:
You are at or near the top of the MIDI users in-and-around n-Track. It seems as though you have uncovered something that needs input and re-design of n-Track by Flavio…

Have you sent Flavio some mail regarding this issue?

Are you, and I think you are, working with the latest builds of n-Track… Is n-Track closing or crashing? If it isn’t then you don’t have any .dmp files to send over to him… How does other editors behave with this feature? Are you into processing something new with your MIDI editing? Has this worked with earlier builds of n-Track?

I guess I got a bunch of questions… Can I help you? NO… Sorry…


Hi Bill -

everything N wise is up to date -

latest MIDI box is a Behringer bcr2000 MIDI controler - what a fantastic piece of equipment is is - so easy to setup and use -

no crash’s with MIDI and N (plenty setting up Re-Wire)

there are some MIDI features in N that are just fantastic but there has ALWAYS has been flaws in Ns MIDI - bit like the poor relation - yet there are flaws in practicall every DAW/Sequencer - Mackie Traction is the better of the DAWs with its MIDI and audio on the same page and JAZZ++ is one on the better sequencers - Harmony Assistant can display MIDI in actual music notation and if if doesnt mash it up when importing a track is excelent - but as an all round package N is still the best in my price range (JUST as Mackie Traction is very good for MIDI routing and plugin capability)

N just needs a few bugs ironed out and it would be unbeatable -

Dr J

I’m having trouble with the metronome. It can lock up N-track. anyone else having this problem?

Hi bax3:
It appears that you are alone with that issue…

Anyway, what version and build are you using?


i use a CPU monitor called CPUmon its a small app that measures total CPU use including that which is taken up by windows -

with N open and no tracks or anything added or running CPUmon shows 20% - opening the metronome takes this to 40% - starting the metronome takes this to 60+% - on my PC that leaves about room for two tracks before N tops out at 100% and stops -

Dr J

Hi Dr. J:
That is a significant load/stress on any machine…

I wonder if Flavio is aware, or, should be made aware of, to see if he can repeat this and if he can see if that’s an anomaly that should have some attention…