midi clip 'looping'

Dragging a midi clip for looping creates ‘damage’ for lack of another word, to the next clip in the track. I have tried to explain this - so I finally captured it.

One man’s drag is another man’s Drag.

Yep. The other “drag” < (pun intended) is that selecting a region, audio, midi or both and choosing “Looped Playback” results in a train wreck. The output does not loop smoothly. Why is this a big deal? Well it’s extremely handy for composing and adding parts. You should be able to loop playback a region and then rehearse parts or drop in MIDI notes or whatever… When you have what you want click the big red button and slap it down.

I hate to keep bringing it up, but this works beautifully in ‘R’… almost impossible in n-Track. shrug

Of course in n-Track, you can cut-paste regions ad nauseum and lay down stuff until you’re blue in the face, but it’s awfully messy and the clean up is a PITA.


Hmmm!? ‘This’ is both; interesting and a dissapointment. I was blaming my machinery and ineptitude:-(

For me, looping essential.

^(is) Couldn’t resist :O

Yep - more and more folks are getting into drag and drop VSTi’s. It IS essential.

Tom! Is that irony I hear?:wink:

Or sarcasm?



Frustrasm spasms.

n-Track suffers from Dragdroploopismitis. :p


Ha :laugh: Can you guys; multiple-sneeze? If so, I envy you :laugh: :laugh:

i would suggest, although you can discount it at your pleasure - highlight sectiom - copy - paste - section now appears in the same place on new track - loop that section as there is nothing else in that track to mash up -