midi control of Master volume (send/receive)

I have the BCF200 0 (behringers incredibly cool midi fader surface) working very well with ntrack. only thing i can’t do is Master Volume assigned to a fader will send but not receive. If you move the fader it changes on the screen but if you do it the other way it doesn’t work. This is important cause when a song loads up your faders jump to the right positions…

anyway i have the CC for the fader set just like the track volume faders and send and recieve are both checked. may just be a bug.


Hi buschfsu. Sorry i dont have an expert advise to give you. But at least i can give you an idea. You can use a MidiMonitor to check if n-Track is sending any kind of message to your midi fader surface. I suggest MidiOx. With this proggie you can see if n-Track is sending the correct message to your midi controller. If it is not sending, can be a bug, or if it is sending something diffrent that your midi device expect, you can use MidiOx to filter and fix it.
You need to use MidiOx install the virtual midi driver called MidiYoke that you can found also in the midiox page.


wow, great suggestion. midiyoke is cool. i could see the output for all of my volume faders…but alas when i move the Master Channel #1 Delta AISO, nothing happens. it is set to send recieve but it just won’t send… anyone else get this to work?

Im not an expert in the v4 (i have the demo only of it) but i see that under “File>Settings>Midi Faders/Control Setup” you can configure any fader to any midi message. Have you look there? Is the Master knob out midi message the appropiate one to your midi control surface?