Midi Controller Drawing...

Anyone else find it unintuitive? If you draw up or down you get a nice visual representation. If you draw straight accross you get the initial “line” then nothing until it goes up or down again. I can’t seem to get it to work like I think it’s supposed to either. I assume that above 64 is on, below is off. So If I have a note sustaining then pull the drawing below 64 shouldn’t that note cut off now? I can’t seem to get the controller to actually control my VSTi’s. :(

MIDI is annoying… lol

Not all CC numbers respond the same, so it’s a bear to have a CC# editor that just draws in the events and values for a given CC number.

CC#64 is the damper pedal, which is the number I think you are trying to use. It is indeed 0 off and 64 on, for most devices. Some respond to 0 off and anything else on. Regardless, drawing in a curve is not usually needed and can be a pain.

Other Continuous Controllers do indeed need smooth curves of events for some actions and respond to all values – volume and pan are two examples that can use smooth curves.

I find drawing in curves adds many more events than are generally needed in any case – almost always, though there could be a way in n-Tracks to add events only on quantized boundaries (should be if it’s not there already). I haven’t done any MIDI editing in a while, but it sounds like Flavio has added some functionality to draw lines, which could be good. One thing to look out for is if drawing lines fills in the straight line with too many single events (see the suggestion to add them only on quantized boundaries).

MIDI is nothing more than single events, so a straight line will need to be converted to discreet events regardless, most likely at draw time, but at least at save or play time. Sometimes they need to be close together and sometimes they need to be more sparse. It’s hard for an editor to know when drawing them in and filling in a lot of events between two points can add needless events, so it’s up to us to understand what’s needed and do that ourselves. Yes, it can be a pain.

For your pedal try clicking to add single events, then edit the individual values. That’s about the easiest way to do it, unless you have a MIDI sustain pedal and can record it in real time.

I don’t have a pedal. my kids keyboard is in another room so I don’t even have a controller setup. My frustration is that I’m trying to use Native Instruments Hardcore Bass and I can’t seem to make it sustain without having all the notes sustain, or vice versa. I don’t want the notes to sound like they are all start stop start stop but I don’t want switching to another note to have it carried over by accident.

I tried using the standalone version and trying to output the midi last night, but it didn’t seem to output. The VSTi doesn’t seem to send any midi either. It’ll receive but I can’t play on the plugin and have anything recorded in N. I need a midi controller. :(