Midi controller recomendation


Hi folks,

I am seeking some advice and recomendations on what make and model midi controller I should take a look at.

I am not hugely interested in a keyboard, I am more interested in something I can use to adjust the mixing, mute, solo the tracks, a few knobs to tweak parameters, and transport buttons. I am not looking for anything huge. Just something I can manipulate the computer controls on nTrack with. Maybe 12 tracks max.


M-Audio UC33

Ozone 2

Berry BCR

So what’s your choice, Wihan?

That mAudio one looks good to me.

Quote (StuH @ April 07 2006,18:48)
That mAudio one looks good to me.

Note that the UC-33 does NOT have buttons for each channel that you can assign to channel solo and mute (which you mentioned in your initial post). One fader (non-motorized) and three rotaries per channel.

Good point.
I think I just found one. Not too too expensive.
Novation Remote 25SL for about $360 USD from gigasonic.

mAudio have another one that looks good Project Mix I/O but it’s almost $1000 USD.


Check out the Behringer BCF2000. Behringer gets a bad rap, but this unit passes no audio (and so escapes much of that cause for the bad rap), is totally configurable with 8 100mm faders and 8 rotary push encoders plus buttons all for around $200US street price. Its gotten good reviews even at SOS. Check the review out at:


I think it should be considered.

It can be seen on the Behringer site at:


Quote (Sloom @ April 07 2006,18:14)
So what's your choice, Wihan?

Actually, I missed the one that sweet beats posted about.

That'll be my choice


I always wanted to get one of these little babies, a JL Cooper CS-32 Minidesk:

Unfortunately, it’s $400, a bit steep for something I don’t really need.

Shucks, evidently zzounds had a USB version as low as $280. That’s a more attractive price and USB is better than MIDI for my case (probably most folks).

Hahaha !

1st rule of preventing GAS:
Don’t even look !

many a purchase of something that I would have NEVER aquired on my own started off with a casual 'having a look at the local music store’

But is a nice looking machine, Jeff.


Well, ever since I got married nearly 19 years ago, I have more of a “GWS” than “GAS” … gear wishing syndrome. My wife would probably refute that, but who’s asking her! Before then, I lived in hovels, drove beaters, and pretty much all my disposable income went to one of three things: music, windsurfing, or travel. :D I live better now, that’s for sure! Plus I still have lots of stuff I acquired back when (music gear, that is – 20-yr-old windsurfing gear isn’t worth having now, but my 25-yr-old Martin sure is).

That JL Cooper minidesk is an amazing piece of work. Thanks for sharing that link, jeff. Bookmarking that for the next time I have “disposable” income. I’m tired of mousing everything in N-Track, I like more tactile controllers.

But I do have to say, the motorized faders on the Behringer for that price is very appealing.