midi copy paste

is there a trick to copying and pasting the copied midi notes where you want them to go.

At the moment it seems that if I copy something and paste it, wherever my mouse is located is the center of the pasting area.

so if I wanted to copy something that was say 3 measures long, and I want to paste it at measure 4, if I place my mouse/or the cursor at measure 4 and paste it, instead of the paste STARTING where my mouse is, it starts 1.5 measures earlier. thereby usually overlapping the last notes.

to compensate I have to paste way past the point I want, and slide it all over to where it’s supposed to be.

Is this normal? is there a setting for this?

newest version and build btw

In the v4 builds that I’ve tried (I’m at 1710 right now), I noticed that you have to highlight where you want the notes to go (not the whole area, just where you want the pasting to start). In 3.3, you could just put the cursor where you wanted to paste the notes. I don’t see any setting to change this…smells like a bug to me. :)


In 4.x, you can set the PASTE position to a precise numeric position, you can also set the number of repetitions.