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How to copy MIDI Pitch Bend?

I’ve been playing with pitch bend parameters in the bottom half of the Piano roll screen. Trouble is, when I’m happy with the result on a section and want to copy/paste it to another part of the song, the notes copy but the pitch bend data doesn’t. Am I missing something?

you will need to be using late version 6.0.2 or new 6.0.3 to make this easy -

with an empty timeline - insert blank MIDI track - track will open with a small MIDI part at the beginning of the track - rightclick in part- open piano roll -

draw in your pitch bend (no notes required) - revert to timeline and export MIDI track as pitch bend 1 -

now you can import the pitch bend track as many times as you want - to add pitchbend to a MIDI track just drag the pitchend on top of the notes you want to bend - you can add any control data on top of the MIDI notes in a track and the control data (pitch bend) will affect the notes underneath it -


if you have a MIDI keyboard - you can make a control track which will record in just pitch bends -

import MIDI track - output to VSTi -
add blank MIDI track - output to VSTi -

turn LIVE button on - arm blank track for recording -

press play - as MIDI track plays the pitch hend wheel on the keyboard will control the the pitch of the main track in realtime -

when you have tried this a few times and have got the hang of it - press RECORD and you will record just the pitch bends to the blank track -

when the bends are correct drag the mew control track on top of the main track - remove any blank tracks and export it - when you re-import it it will be a single track with the pitch bends permanently written into it -

you can leave the control track where it is if you seve the whole thing as a song for further use - or remove the main track and just save the control track - this you can cut up and use on other tracks at will as a real pitch bend sounds better than a drawn one -