midi crash

can someone verify?

I have a simple 3 midi track .sng


using this midi file


It plays OK.
But if I go to Preferences/Options and ‘check’
"Stop playback at end of song"
And then play the song (drum track)
the program crashes.

Using build 2480

Must have been a fluke. I swear I tried this 10 times and got 10 crashes, but now everything is OK. So nevermind for now.

EDIT - it seems to freeze if you have selected LIVE before you play the song back.
But if you add a midi track and load up say n-track drums then no problem.
Minor problem - but it is repeatable for me.

Could be a MIDI event feedback scenario, where MIDI events played from the tracks are being rerouted back to the MIDI input. The way to know that’s a problem is to make sure the MIDI in cable to the computer interface is disconnected. Of course, that might be a catch-22 when trying to record MIDI at the same time with the Live button enabled. It’s a problem when using external MIDI modules that thru into to the output. I’ve hit this in the past, but there has always been an easy workaround, once what’s going on became evident. (then again, I bet this isn’t your problem)

Here is a .swf of the crash.


You need this player to play it back. (no audio)


The solution is easy. Quit doing whatever it is that ur doing to make it crash. :laugh:

Just use the IGNORE button for Hugh ASS’s posts.


I do - It’s GREAT :)