Midi Drum Machine Programming


I have a ZOOM RhythmTrak 234 drum machine. I would like to be able to write out midi drum parts and put them through the drum machine to use the sounds from the drum machine. Is there any way I can do this?

yes. you need to have midi in/out plugs and cables from your PC though. You might have it with your soundcard or you might need to buy one. I use a USB UNO brand Midi I/O. If you have midi I/O and cables, let us know, and we’ll get you through the next step. I have an alesis drum machine myself, but I don’t have a free I/O, so I’m looking for a VSTi one myself…


Thanks for the reply. I do not have a midi I/O on my computer. So obviously the first step would be to get one. I suppose these cards are cheap? I will get one tomorrow. If you will, please watch the board and I will post when I am there. Then you can help from there. Thanks very much. Have you had any luck finding a VST way to do this?


You may be able to do it without buying a card if your soundcard/pc has a joystick port; a 15 pin oblong connector probably near the other soundcard connections. If you’ve got one of those all you need is a cheap convertor cable.

Plenty of VSTi samplers/drum machines you could try. If you wanted to you could even record samples of your Zoom to use in the sampler.


I do have the 15 pin joystick port. I will just buy a connector. What exactly is a VSTi sampler/drum machine. This is new terminology for me. Is drumagog a VSTi sampler?

Quote (Muckiem14 @ Nov. 21 2005,15:07)
I do have the 15 pin joystick port. I will just buy a connector. What exactly is a VSTi sampler/drum machine. This is new terminology for me. Is drumagog a VSTi sampler?

VSTi stands for Virtual Studio Technology which was created by Steinberg Soft und Hardware GmbH. The i stands for instrument. A VSTi plugin will accept MIDI commands either from host software or a hardware controller to trigger the generation of a sound(s). Sometimes these sounds are synthsized others they may be triggering audio samples stored on disk or in RAM.

Drumagogg is a tool used to replace drum/percussion hits with a different sample. It scans the audio file and upon detecting a certain "threshold", will insert the sample sound of your choosing to replace the original sound.... I think. :)


to use midi terminology (if you are familiar with that), a VSTi is an “instrument.” basically, MIDI is “sheet music” that a musician (the “instrument”) plays. the music won’t play itself. It needs an instrument. A VSTi is an instrument that is a “.dll” file that, when saved in the “vstplugins” folder in your ntrack folder, will operate in Ntrack under “Track->MIDI->Intrument.” You can get a lot free of the net. a good place to go is KVR audio.


Thanks for the clarification guys. So as it stands now, it seems that I might be better off to cut the drum machine idea and just use a VSTi. Is that correct? Could I just write out my parts and import the midi file then apply a VSTi to it? If so, can you point me in the direction of a free VSTi?

What kind of sound are you wanting? That is important.

If you are wanting (semi)authentic acoustic drum sounds for rock, etc., then you need to get sfz and NSKit, as well as a few other soundfonts from hammersound (I will explain soundfonts, etc. if this is what you are needing). This would allow you with more flexibility, especially if you write a seperate drum track for each drum (kick, snare, tom1, tom2, cymbals, etc.). I recommend doing this if you are going with this application. It gives you a lot more flexibility and you will end up with a better sounding, more authentic drum sound.

If you are wanting electronic drums (more “drum machine” sounding, etc.), I recommend either ersdrums or drumatic 3, both of which are good and flexible. I have both, which I vary depending on the application. I also have IDJ Pitchblack, which is good, though I can’t seem to get the internal sequencer to work. Of course, that is irrelevent in your application. You wouldn’t need to create seperate midi tracks for this application (though you could, I guess…).

Let us know what type of sound you are wanting, and I’ll tell you how to find the right stuff (or you can just search for what I’ve listed. :) )


Well, I would really like to get as close to authentic drums as I can for free. I can isolate each midi drum so that wont be a problem. So if you could, tell me more. Thanks.