Midi drum names in piano roll??


Having just got my new pc and v5 of n-track, I’ve discovered that I can update my linplug RMlll drum samples as I’ve got much more RAM and CPU.

In doing so I’ve come up against a difficulty. I wanted to rename the “note names” in the midi piano roll to correspond with my RMlll drum machine so as to make keying in the midi drum stuff easier.

I found I could do this (indeed the manual mentions it) and it all looked very hopeful - the new names appearing in the right places in the roll.

However, when re-loading the song, all the names had disappeared. Not only had they disappeared but all the usual midi drum options you normally get (when right clicking the piano roll) had also gone. I tried downloading n-track and re-installing but this was also no good - I guess I’ve altered one of those “other” files.

H E L P !!!



open N - open piano roll - choose which bank you want to change (ie GM Drums)- select the bank, click OK and the bank appears on keyboard (that we already know)-

now the difficult bit (and you will see why in a minute) -

on a piece of paper write down the drum names as they appear on piano roll - then fill in the RM3s drums that you wish to change next to the GM drums -

when completed follow this chain (although this is for WIN2000, XP should be nearly the same) -


OR do a search on C drive for banks.txt -

double click on banks.txt it should open in WORDPAD -

in Banks.txt there are hundreds of banks and thousands of patches - the GM drum set is about in the middle of the listing -

when you find it you will see it starts with acoustic bass, the list in piano roll starts with open triangle, so the list goes one way and is displayed the other way up -

now change the names in the banks.txt GM drum list to the RM3 ones you have written down, when completed save the file (it will go back where it came from) - but nothing happens in N untill you close N and reopen it, now you will see the changes you have made -

it is also worthwhile saving a copy to your desktop as the original may be overwritten when you upgrade or have to re-install N -

Dr J

PS to the above -

if the original file banks.txt is broken, delete it and reinstall N - it will be replaced as past ot the re-instalation, N will only replace the files that are missing, so make sure you delete it before doing the re-install -

Dr J

Thanks Dr J,

I think you’re right about banks.txt being broken as when I select GM Drums in piano roll, it’s just blank. I’ll do what you suggest and delete it and re-install and then follow your instructions.

Will let you know how it goes.

Thanks again


Because I’ve got Vista, it’s a bit different and I’m posting this to help anyone with vista having the same problem in future.

The “banks.txt” file is kept in “User name” > App Data > Roaming > n-track (something or other - I’ve deleted it now) and it didn’t show up on a normal search.

Ok I’ll now reinstall and things should be ok.

Thanks again Dr J!


Oh man! You’re not going to believe this - lol.

I re-installed n-track and, whoopy-do, all the midi piano roll stuff is back to normal - so far so good.

So, I goes to the afore-mentioned folder to look for “banks.txt” but is it there? It is not - hehe! Ok, I deleted it, sure, but surely it should re-appear after the new installation - or should it? I can see there is a file called “banks_default.txt” in the main n-track-5 directory. Would I be right in thinking that it uses this one until I make a modification and then makes a new one called “banks.txt”.


Ok, it does do that - I just went into “edit” and ok’d it without making any changes and lo and behold a “banks.txt” file is created.

Great, I thought. So, I follow your logical instructions to open and modify “banks.txt” to show my prefered drum positions on the keyboard and saved it.

But, when I open n-track again I have my original problem back - ie, on right clicking the piano roll I only have the top 4 “note name sets” ie “Show piano thru General midi drums” AND, General midi drums now has NO instruments at all - boo hoo!

What do you think I’m doing wrong?


Ok, sussed it!

Instead of altering “banks.txt” I altered “banks_default.txt” which lives in the main n-track directory (having saved a copy of the original) that seems to work fine - phew!

Thanks for the help.


INTERESTING - on my PC running WIN 2000 it is definately BANKS.Txt, i changed Aciustic Bass to Acoustic Mickey Mouse and thats what comes up when i select GM drums in piano roll, just done search for the file you found and yes it is in Ns folder but this one still says Acoustic Bass - just checked its still Acoustic Mickey Mouse when i open N so its Banks.txt in the old place not the one in Ns folder ithat is used in WIN 2000 -

looked in usual place in N running on XP machine and Banks.txt was not there, there was a version of it in N V4 (i used the convoluted path to find it) had no time to look elsewhere -

so it seems that N uses different files with different OS -

so well done finding the Banks_default.txt -

BTW - RMIV is excelent, bought Mackie Tracktion2 (as Tracktion V3 is now out, T2 is practically being given away here in the UK £30.00 $60.00) full versions of RMIV and SLAYER2 are included - only drawback is they are tied to tracktion and cannot be used directly in N, buts thats what REWIREs for -

look for Mackie T2 in your area, 2 top class plugind basically for nothing, the saving over buying new or upgrading is enormous -

Dr J

banks.txt and banks_default.txt are both used, depending on some stuff I don’t remember. Maybe it’s just banks.txt if it’s ever been edited?

I put some enhanced versions up on http://downloads.phootoons.com/ a long time ago. They may still be useful.

Had the same issue with Windows 8
Solved the issue like this:
1. Load a midi track to n-tack
2. Right click on the track and select properties
3. In properties (at the right side of n-track) select button "Instrument"
4. Select the “edit” button
5. Select “import” button
6. Browse after file C:\Program Files
-Track Studio\banks_default.txt
7. Respons yes to all options as they appear one by one
8. Restart n-track and it is back to standard set up and will now show names of notes in the piano roll again