Midi drum names missing

Midi track piano roll – drum names gone

Hi all,

I created a midi drum track just using the basic channel 10 sounds and all was well. A few days ago, I opened the piano roll to edit the drum part and the instrument names for each drum were gone. Everything is blank where there used to be things like “hi-hat”, “Bass Drum”, “Snare”, etc.

I checked the midi settings and all the preset names seem to be gone for General midi drums. Is there any way to reset this so I can see the drum sounds I’m working with? Everthing still works – it’s just really difficult to plan out a drum track with no instrument names…



I’m not sure I understand you correctly, but have you tried to right-click with your mouse on the left-hand side of the p.roll where the drum names used to be? You should be able to change the view of the “Note names” that way. One of the selections will give you the Gen. MIDI drum names.

yep – you understand me correctly. When I right click and try to change the note names, I can select Gen. Midi Drum Names, but there are no names in the list. This wasn’t a problem a few versions ago – is there any possibility that this was wiped out with one of the more recent builds? I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled the software and get the same behavior.

Any more ideas?

the file you are looking for that contains all the text for the piano roll keys is called - BANKS_DEFAULT.TXT - it is in the n track root folder -

you can open it with Notepad -

there is something wrong with the way N interogates this file, when selecting General MIDI all the MIDI instruments should appear, they do not - there in there but nothing happens -

AND we should be able to rename the keys for special kits etc, but this is not allowed ? - as a text file it should be possible -

Dr J

So apparently there is a bit of a problem. I went through the MIDI config and none of the non-keyboard MIDI configs seem to be picking up the note names. I even fiddled around with the BANKS_DEFAULT.TXT file to see if anything happened but nothing changed. Is there a way to submit a bug report about this?