midi drum

updating ntrk

I used the 4.beta version, now I’ve updated it to the latest version. Everything is working allright but the miditracks are changed in lesser “parts” so I can’t change everything anymore. For example: for one beat I got 4 parts to fill in something, now all is changed to 1. How can I change it to 4 again? Well, I know it seems stupid because off all settings I could change. But when I change several settings, the amount of parts stays the same… Another thing: multiple paste doesn’t work very good anymore, I put the cursor on the right place so that can’t be the cause. It puts the first “point” from of the second time and after that after all times on the wrong place. Well, not my best english but maybe somebody recognizes… :)

Open the piano roll and fined the button to adjust the grid options. This is where you will set this up.

I submitted a bug to Flavio about the multiple paste problem (pasting overwrites/mangles previous notes) along with a few other things I noticed for build 2033 (originally found in build 1980 I believe)