MIDI drums vs .WAV patches drums latency

I have MIDI files which are really good but I wanted to try reassigning to .WAV patches from nTrack to replace the drums in order to get a better drums sound.
I find that there is a definite latency between the MIDI, which is instantaneous, and the .WAV patch which has a delay of many milliseconds (estimation 30-50 ms). Result is very disturbing.
Is there anything that can be done or has any body found a solution to this?
Thanks in advance,

Hi MidGuit

I’m not sure I really understand what do you mean with “.WAV patches”?
Could you give more information about the way you reassign the drums midi track and the way you manage the other midi tracks?

Could you also give me more information about your current audio configuration as the audio driver you are using and your buffer size?
You can find these information on the “Settings” menu on top selecting “Audio Devices” and “Buffer Settings”.

Thank you for your support,