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split a drum-set in single tracks

Hello everybody.
first of all you may execuse my bad english for I’m a german n-track-user.

My question is:
Is there any way to split the general midi drum-set in several single tracks and instruments (maybe you call it dismixing (the german word is “entmischen”))?
I would like to use this feature to generate single wave-files of each drum (snare hihit crash and so on) so I can put the waves-files in the stereo panorama, wherever I need and fix the sound for each instrument instead of the whole drum-set.

I hope somebody can understand my “kraut”-english.

Thank you and keep on playing
schockmann ???

Did you try a forum search? This topic has come up here before. I think there are some shareware utilities on the web you could download and try. Google search for them.

I have seen a neat job of this done in Sonar running a CAL script. CAL is Cakewalk Application Language. It seemed to work well.

Good luck!


I use “mididrum” which is free from:


(Lots of great free midi tools there…)