MIDI editing problem

Unexpected MIDI editing results

Hello, I have a MIDI editing problem that is perplexing.

I created a MIDI track for drums. In the Piano Roll, I created about 8 measures, comprising a single note on the beat, then played it back. It seemed to play properly. Next, I added about 8 more measures. When I went to timeline, the new measures did not show up in the MIDI track. When I played back, the initial 8 measures played, but maybe only 2 or 3 of the new notes. Then I played back while viewing Piano Roll. It was was blank (no notes displayed), but the notes were playing. When I scrolled way right, I found the initial 8 measures plus a few of the new notes. But in this new location, they do not play.

Is there a fix or workaround for this type of behavior? I run n-Track 6 on Win 8.1.

N-Track 6 is very much out dated and is no longer supported in terms of bug fixes. Just thought you should know. Since I don’t use Midi notes and the use of this forum is very much limited, I would suggest you try the demo Version 8 to see if that cures your issues. Wish I could be of more help.


Hi StoneAged,
May I present a possibility. I use Ntrack 6 and have had previous versions. I have a fairly beefy Desktop, which I built myself, but even so, what sometimes happens, when I’m editing or scrolling around , or doing any other functions, it sometimes takes my PC many seconds for the memory or video memory to “Catch Up” for lack of a better term. I have been working with midi and have seen very similar circumstances to what you are describing. Sometimes changing screens and waiting a bit may help.

Paco and Lurch, thank you for your replies. Unfortunately, this seems to be a deeper problem, as any editing to a MIDI part may corrupt it unpredictably. This includes alignment issues, loss of notes, etc. Until now, I have created MIDI parts in a dedicated MIDI editor and imported them back in. I wonder if it has anything to do with the MIDI device selected? I guess I’ll experiment a little more and will consider the upgrade.

Hi StoneAged.
One thing to bear in mind is that if you are copying and pasting midi parts on the timeline, you’ll need to edit each part separately in the pianoroll.
Try this.
(how do you feel about deleting the offending track and starting again? it might help by eliminating any other suspects?)

Either way - let’s say you have created 4 bars of drums (on a pianoroll) - now go to the Timeline and check that the part that corresponds to the drum parts covers the same amount of bars - if not - then grab the little handle on the Right of the part and manually drag it out to the right to see if this reveals the (and plays) the missing parts.

Tony R

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, it appears that all MIDI editing functions are now corrupted. Even starting with a new file, nothing seems to work. I can’t even get correct results with copying and pasting.

I wonder if there isn’t a way to reset the program to its initial state to restore functionality?

All the wave track functions seem to work fine.


Settings > Preferences > Restore Global Default settings.

If that doesn’t work, perform a clean re-install by first uninstalling all things n-T. You might need your licence codes on re-installation.

Let us know how it goes.