MIDI Editing

How to edit midi notes in piano roll

Does anybody know if it is possible to change the pan setting for a single note appearing in piano roll window?
I have created a blank MIDI track and added some notes by piano roll. Even if I select controller #10 (Pan) and add a pan event, it does not affect the way the note sounds.

Thanks in advance!

If you do not add a value in addtion to selecting the controller to #10, I don’t think NT will allow you to “adjust” one note only.

Now you can make the notes pan anywhere from left - inbetween - or right, by using the panning feature on the tracks mixer or the overall mixer. The values in NT ver. 3.3 show values from -100 to 100. I don’t mess with NTs midi do to my outboard MIDI gear. I took a look around in NT but couldn’t find how to add the values needed to create a pan effect. Hopefully others that have delved deeper into the midi with NT will be able to help you.

Thanks for your response, syn707. The way you uset a value for the pan event is you right-click on the event itself and you just enter the value in the drop-down menu. However, it still has no effect whatsoever. The note after the event still sounds in the midle.
Thanks anyway!

Well, until someone with smarts comes along…you could create another track with the notes you intend to pan differently. Would that do you any good?

OK, I’m not sure what I did but I got it working now. When I insert a pan event, all notes after that are played based on the pan event settings.
Thanks again!