MIDI editing

copy and paste midi events works for me.

Select the events you want, put the position marker where you want to paste them and then paste.

I haven’t used N for midi for a while though so maybe something has changed since v4.05…

Right. Furthermore, there are two views you can do it from. Most often, we do it in the piano-roll view. Rich, I do believe something did change about where it pastes in V4, but I run V3 so I don’t know (V3 works like you said).

But for moving parts wholesale (less “surgically”) in whole measures or beats, it’s sometimes easier to turn on the grid, use the “timeline” view, and cut/copy & paste on MIDI tracks in the timeline. This is also nice because it always copies ALL events – if you use controllers like sustain & expression pedals, you have to be very careful when copying in the piano roll view (you need to make sure these events get selected, and the pedal-up events are tiny at the very bottom.

I wonder why it doesn’t seem to work for you, Merlin.

First, are you working in the timeline view or the MIDI piano roll view?

What does the “MIDI track” look like? I suspect that you’re not really recording MIDI and you’re fiddling with audio tracks by accident.

Start out using the MIDI piano roll view. Only one track appears.

If there’s any confusion, just do a screen shot (alt-PrtSc and then paste into a picture editor, save as jpg). If you can’t post pics to the web, just email it to me (see MAIL button below my post).

OK, just making sure.

Before pasting, be sure to select the region where you want the cut or copied material to go. (Drag in the track to select.) You’ll need to have the grid on to get any accuracy in placement. When you cut or copy, any notes that started before the beginning of the selection are ignored (not copied or cut). Notes that end after the end of the selection are cut/copied and keep their full length when pasted (IIRC).

When pasting, if you select a smaller region than you copied or cut, I don’t remember quite what happens.

Editing MIDI on the timeline is generally the best way when doing rearrangement of sections. Most folks don’t seem to even know that you can do it, based on comments I read here. But it’s quicker & better for that purpose, usually.

The piano roll is better for making adjustments to individual notes or chords, although it can also be fine for cut/pasting sections provided there aren’t issues with controller changes, as I mentioned above. My stuff always has lots of controller changes, either sustain pedal on piano & Rhodes, or for Hammond organ, I use drawbars, swell (expression) pedal, Leslie speed, and percussion on/off.