MIDI events lost with Finale GPO VST instrument

n-Track not usable with FinaleGPO plugin

I recently purchased Finale 2006, which comes with a version of Native Instruments Kontakt Player VSTi plugin with an abridged version of Garritan Personal Orchestra relabeled as “Finale GPO”.

Finale’s playback of the MIDI through GPO sounds pretty sweet. It could be even sweeter if I had more control over the sound with additional effects. Also, the current release doesn’t yet allow a mixdown to .wav or .mp3 using the GPO sounds.

No problem, I thought… I’ll export the MIDI file, import it to nTrack, then attach the Finale GPO VSTi plug-in. It almost works. :(

If I play the MIDI file through the default MIDI output, it sounds fine. (Well, OK, the sounds themselves aren’t so hot, but the notes at least play fine.) As soon as I direct the MIDI tracks to the Finale GPO instrument, though, it seems that many MIDI events are being dropped. Some of the piano notes don’t play, and some of the note-end events on the strings are missing and the notes just hang on forever until I stop the playback. CPU remains under 40%, so I don’t think things are too complicated.

Playback through Finale works just fine, so I can’t imagine it’s a problem with the Kontakt player.

I’m using n-Track Studio 16-bit v4.0.5 build 1846

i dont know what is the problem, but using MidiOx can help you to get a diagnosis. You can add it to the midi chain to see if n-Track is sending the same output than finale.

EDIT: If i correctly remember, Bubbagump have used GPO with n-track, can try to ask him.

Thanks, Marce,

I downloaded and installed MIDI-OX. However, I don’t see how to get MIDI-OX to intercept the communication between n-Track Studio and the VSTi plug-in, since it’s not really going through a true MIDI interface.

It’s rather strange that playing through the standard MIDI interface works fine. It’s only when running through the VSTi interface that events seem to be dropped.

If it helps, I can post a link to the MIDI file that’s giving me grief with n-Track Studio and Finale GPO…

mmm… i dont want to make thing more complex, steve, but for use midiox you need install midiyoke, a midi multi-client driver that get sometime to figure to use. To add midiox to the chain, you need install the midiyoke (or similar) driver. Then, by example, you can output your midi track #1 to midiyoke1. Then add midiox, connect midiyoke1 to midiyoke2. Then add a second blank midi track wich INPUT is midiyoke2 and Output your GPO thing.
Additionaly, you can give a try to Chainer that is a free VSTi loader, that, if i correctly remember, can write wave file. You need connect it to finale or n-track via midiyoke too.

BTW: Have you tryed to mixdown the song? Maybe the drops you hear are a playback-buffer related thing?

Hope something helps.

EDit: Nice music Steve!

Yes, I have tried mixing down the song, and the oddities were in the mixdown as well. So, it doesn’t appear to be related to the playback buffer.

The fact that playing direct to MIDI works, but playing through the VSTi doesn’t makes me suspect that all of this extra MIDI-Yoke/MIDI-OX/Chainer plumbing will likely not give me a true picture of what’s happening when n-Track tries to use the VSTi plugin.

I did send a PM to see if bubbagump has anything to add to this thread based on his/her experience (or lack thereof) with GPO. Maybe I’ll just end up turning this into a normal support request…

Thanks, Marce, for pointing out three tools that do appear to be very cool - once I have time to dig into them.

Hrm, well, I am using the full version of GPO. First things first, did you check for any updates? Secondly, they didn’t cripple the Finale version of GPO to only work with Finale? As for events being dropped, what do you mean by that? Sounds like it could be a buffering issue too. If the buffers are too low, the VSTi can’t tell the host to hold up… It just starts dumping events and moving on. Though you say you did a mixdown… I assume it was offline? Check the Kontakt player and be sure you have the polyphony cranked up too.

I found a way around the issue, but I don’t understand what’s going on. My song has three MIDI tracks: Piano, high strings, and Low Strings. If I create a separate VSTi instance for each MIDI track, and load only one channel on each instance, everything sounds just great. My mixer panel certainly looks cluttered with bunches of unused Synth tracks, but the sound turns out rather convincing. Example: The Majesty of God. It’s a little heavy on the reverb, and there are some places in the strings that should be more legato. Now that I know n-Track will let me build my mixdown (cumbersome though it may be), I can justify taking the time to tweak those areas.

I think bubbagump hit on something when he mentioned looking at the polyphony setting. I’m not sure why, but my strings tracks will each set the polyphony setting up to 10 / 16 for their respective plugins, even though I’m only playing 2 notes at a time. I’m not sure what’s causing the extra notes, but I’d imagine that contributed to the dropped events earlier.

Can anyone give me a clue why polyphony would jump up to 10 with only 2 notes on the track?