Midi file won't trigger Loopazoid correctly...


I am trying to trigger some ns_kit samples by creating a midi track in n and using loopazoid as a plug in. Using v3.3 with this build, which has been very stable for me and I am quite pleased with.

My N-version:

Midi Track Properties:

Loopazoid selected as track output:

Odd thing - when I go to play the track - I can only hear the sounds if I move the Track sliderback and forth - then it will play the sounds for a while, and then stop. The midi file continues to play and the input volume levelcontinues to jump with each hit - but no sound comes out. I’ve checked my Loopazoid files and the wavs are in the right place. Anyone run into this problem?

That’s a really good set of pictures you’ve put up there!

When using LoopaZoid, you don’t need to assign a channel/program… infact, that might be your problem…

Try putting the program to (none), and on your drum track, get the eventslist up (setting it it see all events), and remove any program changes.

I use Loopazoid for all my drum parts, and this is how I set mine up. In truth, I usually use channel 1 (or even (none)), not that it makes a huge amount of difference, the plug acts as if using Omni…



Thanks for your help.

I got it!

I don’t like setting up my Loopazoid patches within the plug-in; I hate using a mouse for anything, since the .lpz patches can be edited by a text editor, this is how I set up my patches. Of course, if you do things this way, you gotta be careful! I did not have my forward root key matched to the index properly. Now I’m smiling. Until the next issue.

BTW, do you use the output groups? Can you use these to say, put the bass drum in one output, the snare in another, and so on? If so, do you have to have a sound card that has multiple inputs/outputs?

I’d like to be able to program drum tracks using Loopazoid and then route different things to different tracks to create separate wave files. Just curious what you do - I’ve heard your tracks (good stuff btw) and wonder what you do…

I do use the loopazoid outs…
1+2: Bass
3+4: Snare
5+6: HiHat+Cymbals
7+8: Toms

This way I can use extra effects/ EQ on different things as required. EG, I often alter the DQ on the bass or snare to make room as required in a mix. And, I can alter the Reverb sends individually.

I’ll often take everything to a subgroup, and get the overall level right, and often send a mite of this to the reverb aux just to make it sound like it’s in the same room, but the snare might have more sent from it’s individual channel. This may be a contentious issue with purists, but you can do it on a standard mixer, and you can here. And it works very nicely, thank you very much!

You don’t have to have a soundcard that matches it… Its VST, and so reports to NTrack what it outputs, and mixer strips are inserted as required (Hit F3 to get the mixer).

thx for the compliment on the tracks! I enjoy doing them.

As a job, I’m a programmer, mostly Database stuff using MSSQLServer and Delphi (if that means anything to you). In my spare time, I’ve also been writing VST plugs for BetaBugs.

I used to work semi-pro as a drummer, but play guitars and keys as well. I did a few albums about 10 years ago (google for “Paley’s Watch” +prog, or look at Marc Catley’s Site) for what I was involved with. I did a lot of the engineering and production on the albums I was playing on.

What about you - what do you do and play?


Hey Duncan - I’ll try the outgroups thing - I thought you had to have a 4-input/output card to use it - this is exactly what I’m looking for…

My bro and I have been working for the last 2+ years writing songs together after a long layoff for both of us from music. I’m really encouraged by what we’ve done - we got about 30 songs in various states of completeness.

The goal this year is to record an album - whether I use ‘n’ or not remains to be seen - I love the price and ease of use - I hate the instability and just general ‘bugginess’ of it. I’m a programmer too, old school COBOL and MVS and IMS and DB2 and CICS and all that fun stuff. Keep looking at Sonar 4 and Cubase SX 3 and salivating…

I do the majority of the singing, play all the bass, some of the guitar, a little harmonica, a little drums (not very well), a little bit of keyboards (even worse than my drumming) and I take care of the recording end.

My brother is an excellent guitar player and does most of the guitar playing and the occasional lead vocal (when I force him too).

I am a 1984 graduate of B.I.T. (the bass playing curriculum of Musician’s Institute) and played in the odd LA area band in the eighties and nineties but nothing of particular note.

Working on a web site for the bro and I but ain’t ready to publish yet - it sucks - that is where the pics in this thread are hosted. Anyway, just me toying around with a lame web-site building tool:


Anyway that’s my story and I’m sticking to it as Ozzy once said (I’m sure he wasn’t the first to say it). Thanks for the loopazoid help and the inspiration of the solid clean sound of your tracks. Keep up the good work.

hey i got a quick question with loopazoid. I noticed loopazoid can only sample 16bit wave files. If I’m using N-track in 24 bit mode will this be a problem?

I’ve never used Loopazoid (I use RMF) but that program looks pretty cool. More samples and 1 more mute group than RMF…

I’m going to have to try this out.

mrhairy - shouldn’t be any probs with different bit depths. It’s only if you have different sampling frequencies that it won’t work.

ie. If you set N to 44Khz then all your wavs need to be 44Khz but can be 16, 24 or 32 bit


cool thanks man. I now have loopazoid up and running. I have a bunch of samples from my drumset and I’m going to start making drum structure of my songs with the help of loopazoid. I was planning on just using my midi key board to play the beats. Are you guys using keyboards also? Or Midi drumsets or just manually add notes in the piano roll?

I used to use a keyboard but now have a SPD6 drum pad.
With my poor drumming ability I still need to go in a dn manually edit out mistakes or shift notes in the piano roll :)