Midi guitar anyone?

need clarification…

I don’t know if anyone here uses this stuff or knows anything about it, but I am wanting to know about midi guitar. What is the difference between the roland and the yamaha systems? Are they both the 13 pin standard? can I, say, buy the yamaha pickup, but use the roland 13 pin to midi converter box, and then, say, move up some day to the yamaha g50? or does anyone know? does anyone use this stuff? of if not, where can I go to find out???


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I have a Roland GR-70 rack mount guitar to MIDI converter and a scewed up Roland pickup. They are not usable. It didn’t work very well when it was new so I never looked into getting the pickup replaced. John Hayes, a guitarist I played with for a while, had the GR-1 (that really funky shaped thing with the floor module). It wasn’t that useful either. The latency was too much and the sensitivity made playing intresting if you didn’t want strange sounds being made.

I don’t know anything about the Yamaha system. Sorry.

The best one Roland ever made was the GR-300. It wasn’t based on MIDI conversion so the latency ws very low. This is the kind Robert Fripp used and may still use. They are cool, but the sounds are pretty limited. Of course the sounds it makes are really neat.


Search the internet. There’s a lot of good info out there, but whether or not it’s useful for your purposes is up in the air. A lot of it is vintage museum kinds of stuff.

Give these a try first: