Midi Help

I am trying to use my Zoom Rhythm trak 123 as a slave
to n-track.

I have a Soundblaster PCI 128 soundcard and I am using ver 2.3 under win 98.
I can record MIDI from a keyboard with no problem, however when I route my drum track on channel 10 to SB midi out, and enable midi reception (channel 10 again!) on the drum machine nothing happens!
I have tried enabling the midi clock signals to no avail.

I have used midiox and midi yoke to check that I am getting a signal on ch10 which I appear to be.

I would welcome hints tips and suggestions.


if you are using Win 98, you may have to install the ROLAND MPU-404 MIDI drivers - (available on the internet) as MIDI was not included with Win 98 - if it is installed or the SB MIDI is working then -

(from memory) - first the ZOOM 123 recieves MIDI on channels 1- 5 and 10 - channel 10 is drumkit 1 - channel 1 is drumkit 2 - channel 5 is bass guitar -

open your MIDI track, open tracks properties - set the CHANNEL BOX to 10 - click on the RECORD button on the track (turns red) - click on the LIVE button on transport bar - plug in Head Phones or Speakers into the Zoom -

ON the Zoom there is a small button next to the keypads at the lower right - press button (it lights) now press the pad with MIDI above it - use the arrow keys under display to select between MIDI (tempo is set by host software) or INT (tempo is set by the Zoom) - connect the MIDI OUT on your soundcard to the MIDI IN on the Zoom - (make sure you have set the SB MIDI out set in the MIDI settings icon on toolbar -

now play keyboard and drums should play on the Zoom - if this works then click on record button to turn it off - click on play and drums programmed into MIDI track SHOULD play -

i have had great fun recording the Auto accompianment as MIDI from my Casio Kbd into N - then outputting the MIDI track to the Zoom which is fed through a DI box and then into my Roland Micro Cube amp, re-recording the output back into N as audio using a condenser mic through a REAL valve preamp - GRITTY -


Another thing to keep in mind about the Zoom RT… It will NOT respond to SPP (Song Position Pointer) messages! So if you are using the Zoom to program the drums, get them down and record the audio to make life easier. Why? Because since the Zoom doesn’t do SPP, you always have to start at the song beginning for the drums to be at the proper point in the song.

I had an RT-234 and I always HATED that serious foible on Zoom’s part… what were they thinking?

If your’re driving the Zoom with straight MIDI, basically using it as a sound module, then forget about the above. I was programming patterns in the Zoom and using MIDI out for Start/Stop commands. Boy, what a PITA…