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Cut out two beats

I’m trying to edit a drum track and need to cut out two beats in a silent portion of the track. The only way I have figured out to do this is to cut out all the music after the silent section and paste it back in two beats earlier. There must be a better way. Thanks for your help.

Well if it’s a MIDI track, open it in the piano roll editor, delete the rogue notes and you’re done.


The problem is it’s a blank section (no notes) however, it’s too long and I would like to reduce the silent section by two beats.

Err… it’s been a looooonnggg time since I used n’s piano roll…

Maybe highlight all the notes past the silent section and drag them back two beats?

In my preferred program, I would split the track items, turn on ripple editing and snap to grid and then drag the stuff back two beats. I don’t if that works in n-Track or not…


if its just the drum track thats off you can drag all the notes after the silent section two beats by selecting them with the arrow. just make sure your Zoomed out enough to select all of them.

an alternate way is to make the offending measure a 2/4 measure assuming your in 4/4 that should work in theory.

ditto above and D
I don’t see a problem.
Select drum track, open in piano roll, highlight the arrow select tool, lasso all notes beyond the silence, re-size piano roll (if neccesary), and drag to the left 2 beats.

It might be helpful to set the grid to beat first.

If you are unfamiliar with editting in the piano roll, you should take some time and practice. It’s one of those things that you just have to learn be doing. But if you run into snags, people here can surely help.