Midi latency problem

Can anybody help reduce my delay?!

Hi all - my first post here - and as I’m a relative beginner I hope that somebody might be able to help!

I’ve got a 2gHz P4 Dell, with just the SoundMax integrated audio card. I’ve just installed N-Track 4.0.5 and have got my Midiman USB Keystation 61 conrtoller triggering GM sounds ok - but with up to a 0.5 sec delay that i can’t seem to get rid of. I’m not playing anything else back at the time - just simply pressing a single key.

I managed to achieve zero latency in Reason 2.5 really quickly, but can’t suss out how to do so in N-Track.

Any ideas / thoughts are greatly appreciated!

Hi and welcome,

This is latency… the time taken for the PC/soundcard to process the input and send it to the output. It’s not really to do with the speed of the CPU, and more to do with the drivers.

Checkout the driver settings in n-Track’s preferences. If your soundcard has WDM drivers or ASIO drivers try those instead (ASIO are a bit more fiddly to get going). Both of these drivers are designed for lower latency.

You may also have to lower the buffer settings in the preferences too to reduce the delay to an acceptable minimum.



What are you using as the MIDI synth? If you’re using the MS Wavetable software synth, there’s no hope of low latency – that software wasn’t written with low latency in mind.

If you’re using a softsynth that does provide low latency, then it’s what Mark said. To start out, try ASIO drivers. However, SoundMax probably doesn’t doesn’t have an ASIO driver built-in. Google, download, and install Asio4all. I use that with SoundMax on my laptop and it works great. It’s also easy to configure and get running.

Tip: open the Asio4All control panel when N isn’t running. I did get some crashes otherwise.

I have mine set to:

Buffer size: 128
Direct DMA buffering
Input delay: 6 msec (though I usually have input disabled)
Output delay: 4 msec