midi map for ndrums

anybody done one…

i like the sounds of ndrums…but wish to program them myself…anyone done a map for them…?? or how do you do one…am not a midi guru…

a MIDI map refers to how the controls on an outboard unit (keyboard or MIDI controller) operate the controls (that can be) within N - ie mapping a controler knob/slider to alter the level of a track fader without using the mouse -

it is best to download the manual before you even think of trying to program yourself as NTD is a very complicated beast - if you use a soundblaster soundcard there are problems to overcome there that ubless fixed will drive you crazy -

go here - get the PDF one its easier to handle when printed out


Dr J

thanks…what i am looking for is how to use midi to control the drums like i do for a general midi drum set…
i can program general midi just fine to play the drums…but when i go to use ndrums it has a different set of controls and doesn’t respond to the normal general midi drum layout…figure there is a way to do it…just not familiar enough with ndrums to make it go boom…

do have sb audigy…not the onboard version…the pcmcia version…24bit card…

on my Audigy USB unless i turn the red recording fader (in audigy control panel) down to zero i get an echo of evety drum pad played -

the acoustic set aupplied with NTD actually follow the GN MIDI drum set - you may do this already but starting from the begining - instert blank MIDI track - insert NTD as new instrument channel - right click in MIDI track and set output to N Track Drums - in MIDI track properties select INSTRUMENTS and pick General MIDI drums - open piano roll, look to the left of the piano roll for the curson symbol, next to that is a note symble, click on that -

now with the NTD GUI on the screen when you click on a drum name on the left of the piano roll, the corresponding drum pad on NTD will blink and a drum beat will be played - by this you will be able to tell where on the grid to insert MIDI notes to control what drums you want to play -

now a complication - when a default drum sample is loaded into NTD a sequencer sample is also loaded in, this means that when you click on play you hear drums without having programmed any drums to play - to overcome this open the sequencer page of NTD and look at the top right for the bank of letters - left click on A to select it then right click and chose ‘clear’ to get rid of the sequencer steps, do this for all the letters and you will not get eranious note playback when you dont expect it-

there are ways of controlling NTD from a keyboard where three samples (or more) can be loaded into a pad and depending how hard (velosity) you press a key will depend on which sample is played - all of the other controls you have to work with the mouse -

Dr J

will give it a try…i couldn’t get all the pads to match up last time i tried it…will do it again today sometime…let you know…thanks