Midi mixdown off timing.

Does anyone know what would cause a midi track to mixdown off timing?

I am using a sf2 through a VST for a bass track and when I play it all is well the timing is spot on (as it should be since all the notes are sequenced according to the grid at 82 BPM)

However, when I do a mixdown of it it is off…slow and I mean bad, even if I slide the track over to start at the right spot it quickly goes out of timing.
IT’s almost as if it is mixing it down in a different time sig, although it is set to 82 BPM.

When I play the track though the VST along with the midi Drums (already mixed down to a wav but in synce with the click track)

I have tried a few things, like the snap to settings, internal clocks (I used both wav, and system timer) along with whatever other timing things I could find inside of Settings or Midi devices to no avail.

Any ideas?

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jerm :cool:

Guys I may have gotten this one figured out,

it seems to be related to how pitch and speed is related and some setting I must have changed.
The problem was I have changed the pitch of notes in the past and it didn’t effect the speed but for some reason a sf2 I was using effected the speed of the song detrimentally when the pitch was changed one octave up on the whole track.

The solution was to lift all the notes up one octave in the midi file

keep shinin

jerm :cool: