Midi N-Track Drums

Having some problems

I’m attempting to build some grooves using N-Track Drums. I want to keep each drum/cymbals as separate tracks. So far, I’m not having a good day.

First, I attempted to create a midi track for each drum/cymbal; however, the new sound gets added to each previous midi track instead of just the new one. I suspect this is just amidi setting that I need to change.

Second, when I open the song I saved with the groove, N-Track Drums defaults back to the basic kit instead of the custom kit I created. I can’t view to re-assign the custom kit to the N-Track Drum plugin unless I add a N-Track Drum instrument, then change the outputs of all the tracks to the new instrument. I’m hoping there is

Oops - Fat-fingered the keybpard before I finished my post.

I’m hoping there is an easy way to save the kit assigned to the N-Track Drums when I save a song.

Lastly, after a few iterations of adding drum tracks and re-assigning midi instruments to the tracks or just selecting “Properties…” for a midi track, N-Track crashes. Anyone experiencing the same problem? I’m using the latest build of V5.

Thanks - TJ

If you pull up the track mixer fader window, find the track with the N-drums in the effects box; double-click on it and it will pull up the original N-drums without having to “add instrument.” You will still have to Load up the drum bank you created (assuming you did save it :) ). I haven’t found a way to make that automatically load up each time you open the song file (I don’t think you can …)

Also, this may not help you in your situation, but what I’ve been doing is simply running a groove close to what I want and then rendering (all the drums) down to a single .wav file and use it as a click track. Then after I’ve got all the other instruments recorded (and I have a better idea of what I want for each drum/cymbal levels throughout the song) I render the n-drums down again to .wav files, but this time I solo each drum/cymbal down to their own track. This allows you to spend more time making music while still allowing for separate drum tracks in the end for final mixing/tweaking, etc.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for the help, P.

The rendering to wave files is a good approach. I’ll definitely give it a try.