MIDI paste to grid?

Can’t align new MIDI to old MIDI grid

Man, I’m tired of this! I spent months recording my first song, largely because of timing issues which resulted in me chopping every .wav file into about 50 bits to keep the timing (almost) acceptable - and even then the CD recording played back too fast (in a 48/44.1 way - so I almost understood it!).

Anyhow, I then started my second song and was really chuffed to get a MIDI track that was in line with the grid and all the 'wav files. Everything looked good, and I thought I’d cracked it by using the System clock in MIDI Options for recording and the Wave clock for playback (I think that’s right).

But now I want to drastically edit my MIDI track - which surely should be a piece of cake. So, I’ve perfected the first 4/4 bar in the Piano Roll & now I want to copy/paste it 15 times. Trouble is, when I do, it’s not in line with the grid and so it’s out of sync with the other instruments.

Surely this should be really simple? Why can’t I easily set EVERYTHING to a beat:measure:click type display (or whatever - I think you’ll know what I mean). Why isn’t this clearly and simply set out in the manual? Why is life so bloody hard?

And another thing (!) …
Why is it so hard to tell which way some of the toggling icons are set? (Overwrite MIDI notes/Snap MIDI to Grid, etc). Is that just a case of adjusting the colour preferences or is it a permanent problem that we have to live with? Sorry I’ve not tried to fix that myself - I’ve been preoccupied with the aforementioned timing stresses!

I feel your pain - editing midi for me in n was no joy. Each midi imported went into a separate track = bummer. Either get an outside midi editor which will probably add to your level of frustration - or another software program to do it in - get it how you want then bring it back into n to finish. :agree:

PW have you seen this?



But now I want to drastically edit my MIDI track - which surely should be a piece of cake. So, I've perfected the first 4/4 bar in the Piano Roll & now I want to copy/paste it 15 times. Trouble is, when I do, it's not in line with the grid and so it's out of sync with the other instruments.

I do this regularly, since it's how I build up click tracks. What are the exact steps you are using?

PW have you seen this?

No I hadn't seven. I'm looking to eliminate steps and utilities not to add one. Thank you though. I edit my drums outside of n now and import the whole compiled midi (or midi converted to wav) then tweak in n.

Hows about ReWire.
Try it - it works.

I don’t think I’m interested in any external programs. For me, the pleasurable side of MIDI is tapping the keyboard in real time while listening to existing audio files so that with a velocity sensitive keyboard you finish up with a human-feeling drum track that you can then tart up using the Piano Roll. Don’t want to mechanically construct a MIDI track and then play/sing along with that.

In answer to Phoo’s question above, I’m just highlighting my first bar in the timeline, the clicking the Copy icon, then clicking the Paste icon and changing the no.of repeats to 16. The resultant paste appears, but the notes “creep forward”, as if they’re relating to a different time scale. (As it happens, I’m also struggling to get the new notes to obliterate the old ones - they’re superimposing, no matter how I set the menu bar.)


I'm just highlighting my first bar in the timeline, the clicking the Copy icon

To copy and paste MIDI events you will need to select the notes themselves in the piano roll. Use the Arrow for selecting notes, and drag the bonding box around the notes.

Thing is phoo, that’s a major pain in the pa-tootie. Most of todays DAW/Sequencers use “Item” or “Clip” based MIDI types. For example, ‘R’ (yeah I know…) uses an “Item” based approach. It is so SUPER easy to build up tracks this way. An “Item” might be one measure long or 4 beats long. When you have it nailed, you just click-drag it wherever you need it.

The piano roll is obviously a necessary if somewhat outdated tool. Copying and pasting notes exactly as you want them in the n-Track piano roll is harder than it needs to be.

Shoot, if Flavio gave n a big MIDI overhaul, I might even download the demo and give it a spin… Until then, it’s just too much trouble to even think about. Which is a shame… n-Track is missing out on a HUGE user base that has developed in the last decade or so. MIDI composition and LOOPS are BIG stuff now. I can’t stand it myself… I wanna learn to play the stuff… not download loops of somebody else playing, but that’s a different story I guess…


This is the way n-Tracks has always handled MIDI. It is a pain? You betcha.

n-Tracks has a very basic MIDI editor that is bare bones at best. Yes, it would be very nice to have it also be a full featured MIDI editor, but it’s not and never has been, just as it’s not and never has been a full featured wave editor.

It’s very interesting that there has been a resurgence of MIDI use in the last couple of years. Think back to all the negative comments about MIDI in the past, essentially blaming the delivery system for the fact that “MIDI doens’t sound good”.

A good selection of VSTi and other soft synths has gone a long way to proving that MIDI is still a very viable and useful tool, and for that reason many folks are just now learning about MIDI, and many are returning to.

I’m all for a full overhaul of n-Tracks built in MIDI editor. My take on this is that there should be ZERO difference when editing tracks of any and all types from “within the timeline”. The timeline is where someone works on “the song”. Very few applications do this very well in my opinion.

Then switch modes to be wave or MIDI when getting to the underlying data.

I agree phoo - the advance of VSTi’s use in home recording has made midi manipulation a ‘base’ function for DAW’s. 5 years ago I wouldn’t have given a rip about it. Now I’m highly invested in midi gear and VSTi software plugins.

N’s midi editor is very easy to use - especially for copying.
The problem is when you drop a drum loop from Ez or Addictive in
there you have to set the grid to 16 or 32 to get the loop length
correct. But I’ve done the copy and paste (x) times and it works fine.
That being said - the real problem is the playback engine for loops.
The drum loops are not tuned well - hence the post for
the Ez editor which lets you tune the loops.
Essintially, click the arrow - draw a box around the notes you
want to copy, (change highlight) click the copy icon, then the paste
(however many times) and check the snap to grid box. If your loop
is tuned right, then there is no problem.
NOTE - When I change grid to 16,32, or 64, I have to collapse
the horizontal zoom all way to the left, and then stretch it out
again to see the grid. Now that’s the only pain I’ve had.
I’ve done Addictive loops this way - no problem.
If you are not good at using a Midi editor, then practice.
Don’t say the editor is defective.

Yeah 7 o’ 11, it’s “doable”… it’s just a PITA. With the other softies I use, I just drag 'em from EZD right onto the timeline and stretch/copy the loop as many measures as needed. If you set the item to “Ghost copy” or whatever it’s called in whichever app, changing one instance of the items MIDI data changes ALL of them. Or not… it’s selectable. Easy peasy…

As a side note, someone told me MusiciansFiend had Addictive Drums on sale for $129. BARGAIN!! I wish they had done this before I bought EZD many moons ago…


gtr4him -
You are absolutely right - there is usually an easier
better way to do stuff. That’s called progress.
Thanks for AD tip. I’m gettin kind of hip on that app.