Midi Pitch Change

Editing Events


Using v.6.1.0 of N. We’ve recorded MIDI and when plying back, after playing the first phrase the pitch changes. We have to close the song and reopen it to get the track to play at the correct pitch

Now there used to be some way of editing events for MIDI in a matrix but I can’t find it any more. I want to see if there is some event in the track that I can’t see in the piano roll. Can anyone help please?



Hi, plumbum. Are the following phrases copies of the first and where did you copy them from - pianoroll or timeline? Are the midi tracks multi parts or one take/parts?
I haven’t got n-T in front of me but there is a midi events list somewhere in the track prop’s.
I’ve fixed a few of these by exporting and re-importing the midi.

right click the track,

view>event list

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Thanks for the replies.


right click the track,

view>event list

:agree: That’s it I was looking for it in the piano roll somewhere.

My wife recorded from her wind synth and then copied one phrase to an earlier point on the piano roll.

Anyway we figured it out. Some pitch bend events at the end of the phrase seemed to stick so that when rewinding to the start of the phrase it played at a lower pitch.

Thanks for that