Midi Play back Problem

Can’t hear drum module sounds

Can someone help me solve this? I’m new to midi and really struggling to get this to work. I’ve reached the point where I am finally able to record events using my Roland td-3 drum module into n-track. But I can’t play them back. I have a Tascam US-428 as the interface. I can select a synth as the instrument to play it back and then I hear the recorded events, but when the US-428 port 1 is selected, I’m supposed to hear the td-3 sounds-- but I don’t.

The td-3 manual says to turn local control off, which I’ve done. Is there something else I’m missing? Has anyone else done this type of set-up or does everyone use soft synths?

You have the TD-3 AUDIO line outs connected to your sound interface right? Remember, MIDI is telling the TD-3 what and when to play. It’s up to you to patch the audio outputs to where you want 'em. Plugs some headphones into the td-3 and see if you can hear playback. If not, start looking at your MIDI out settings in n-Track. Set the output to whatever port you use on the Tascam. Make sure you have good MIDI cable patched from the MIDI OUT port on the Tascam to the MIDI Input on the TD-3. MAke sure the recorded MIDI track is playing back to the selected MIDI OUT port. If all that is cool… I’m stumped.


Ahah! No, I didn’t have any audio line outs going anywhere! Let me try this tonight and see if that works! Thanks for your help!