MIDI Playback problems

I’ve used n-track for a good while now recording audio through the soundcard but recently have been wanting to dabble in the MIDI side of things.

I haven’t used MIDI before and when I record on N-Track as a midi track with ‘n’ and my keyboard both on channel 1 I can see whats been rcorded (little lines going up and down relative to the notes I’ve played) but when I play it back there is no sound. Have I not done something right (probably very basic to you guys).

I have also tried using VSTi’s with the same probelm, they seem to be recording but not playing back any sound.

Many thanks in advance :)

Check to make sure the track’s MIDI Channel Out is going to the correct channel (same on the vst as the track channel). Recording can be set to record on all channels at once (listens to all 16 channels at once), but playback is channel specific.

(that’s the first thing that comes to mind)

Excellent, working now :) thanks