Midi - questions: groups?

Is there a way to select DXI as midi out

Can midi tracks be grouped as we do in analog?
I can’t seem to find away to select the VST/DXI synth as the default.
It is not a choice in my setup for midi (that I can find)
I have to select eash track using properities?
I saved the midi as seperate tracks - do I have to import them one at a time?

you asked -Can midi tracks be grouped as we do in analog? - MIDI songs that you can download are designed to be played by one GM instrument per track and each track to be on a seperate channel -

insert as many MIDI tracks as you want - RIGHT CLICK IN TOP TRACK - OUTPUT TO - navigate to your VSTi instrument - when VST is installed then right click in all other tracks ans output to - the installed VSTi will be there for you to to output to -

to save MIDI song - FILE - EXPORT MIDI SONG - all tracks will be saved and will open in one go when you use the IMPORT MIDI FILE command -


Thanks, that works for the last two questions. To restate the first questons:
I have created several seperate midi tracks and want to open them in n-Track - with Audio Import I can select several files to load into n-Track at once; can that be done with sereral seperate midi tracks?

if it’s a midi song - yes - it will expand all the individual tracks to their own “track”…