Midi recording sync problem


I’m using the latest version of n-track 9 on a win 10 PC. I’m trying to record all my midi drum patterns & songs from my Boss DR-880 into N-Tracks so I can edit them in Piano Roll and write & record additional midi & audio tracks with them.

The issue that I’m having is that when I record the midi tracks from the DR-880 there is a small offset from the start of the recorded midi track. It appears that the DR-880 is delaying the start by about 120 ticks (tempo is 120 bpm). I’ve tried different offset settings in the N-Track sync setting but they do not seem to make a difference.

When I tried to set the N-Track grid/quantize setting for ‘auto-quantize when recording’ (per the tutorial), the setting wasn’t in the window. Has this setting been moved or is it no longer included?

Also, is there a way to simply cut ~120 ticks off the beginning of the midi track? Quantizing improves it but not enough - the offset is still very noticeable.



I figured it out…just select all in the Piano roll windows and move it until the first notes are lined up with 1:01:001.

Thanks anyway!