MIDI seems awfully buggy

Volume envelopes, playback, the works.

Hi. I’ve never used the midi function in n-track (always did recordings) but now am using it for composing music for a short film, and man is it difficult.

1- The volume fade envelopes do not correspond to the fades I input. The top track will blare the sound, cut out, then fade in - even though the nodes are all the way down and the selected area was all the way at the beginning of the track when the envelope was applied. They also only work on the first track. If put an envelope on a different track, the volume fades will not work whatsoever.

2- The tracks seem to misrepresent the actual midis. The visualization of the patterns will abruptly stop in their cell on the timeline, although the sound will continue as expected during playback.

3- The piano roll will not play the newly selected instrument unless I press space bar to start and stop playback first. I have to do this for every time I want to select/hear a new instrument on any track, even if nothing has been laid down yet.

4- The mixdown does slow the track during output (even though the transpose is zeroed out on multitrack and each track and the playback speed is unadjusted on the multitrack and each track property). This is extremely odd to me as I’m exporting the midis by playing them through the headphone jack connected to the mic jack in realtime. While watching it record I see the waveforms are shorter and the track lays much further behind than the time scrubber. So far I’ve had to export the tracks as a mixed down recording and then adjust the speed in the video editor.

I’m using the Win 7 64 bit version, and Realtek onboard sound/drivers. I’ve installed AISO for drivers which helped with playback delay, but I’m just confused as to why so many issues. Any help or suggestions is very appreciated!

Hi Simon.

1. Edit midi volume in the lower section of the piano roll - not in the timeline with nodes.

2. Have you moved midi parts around in the timeline? Not good! Do all midi editing in the pianoroll.

3. Check the “Live” button is on. Use the main mixer instead of the channel strip in the timeline for control of vsti.

4. Not quite with you on this, but, you need to check that all devices are set to the same sample rate.

Good looking out! Thanks, Tony R. - will try all of those suggestions and repost. Much appreciated!