midi step recording

cursor position not showing

I’m trying to write new notes, but I don’t see where in time they will appear (their position “00:00:000”). Of course I could write them and then right click and correct, but that’s too much work. Shouldn’t the the clock show this?

Hi, musicato. I have the pianoroll of a midi track open and I have the time axis visible at the top and bottom of the grid. Can you post a screen shot?

i would if I knew how to. Can I e-mail it to you. My e-mail is cabanto@aol.com (I tried to do it in this page and couldn’t)

yes if you have piano roll open, and you click the top bar of the piano roll you should see a line go through it, that is the time line.

if you click on the timeline above the note you placed in the piano roll at the beginning of the note, bar, beat whatever, it should show what “time” it is in the song for that note.